Dealing with Depression

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Sadness is a part of life experience for all of us, depression is sadness magnified.

It is not contingent on what is actually going on in our life, it becomes the filter by which was see everything.  

Depression affects our sleep, our relationships and our motivation.

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When a person is diagnosed with depression, medication is often helpful.  But medication is not always necessary.

Depression and the need for medication can be reduced by an approach that targets both the mind and body.   

The mind-body connection is very strong.  

We cannot think of something that is emotional without also feeling the affect on our body.

If we can reduce the thinking that exacerbated a depressed state or if we can increase the endorphins in our body, then we can counter out depressed state and achieve a greater state of well-being.

This approach entails using cognitive behavioral therapy and imagery to help reduce negative thinking.

It reinforces supporting our body’s natural ability to move towards well being by doing the basics: eating right, sleeping, exercising and doing breathing exercises that increase the flow of oxygen.  

This approach also involves getting clarity on how are own history has reinforced depressed thinking and utilizes EMDR and other techniques to move from being stuck in the past to enjoying the future.