Many of my clients have come to therapy because they have a specific goal they want to achieve or a problem they want to overcome.

For some it may be making a move into a new career. For others they want to conquer the anxiety that has held them back or overcome an addiction.

Achieving Goals

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Achieving Goals

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Like walking up a mountain, achieving a goal comes from taking one step at a time.

Initially this means getting clarity about the steps needed to achieve the goal.

These steps need to be in small and achievable amounts so that we can feel success along the way.

At times, we all get derailed from a goal we want to achieve. When that happens, we need to examine the blocks that got in the way. We need to do that in a problem-solving and not blame-directed manner.

Typically this means evaluating what the block was about and factoring other smaller steps so that we can continue to move forward.